a bis S is a self-initiated project by Anne Schaarschmidt, showcasing her craftsmanship and creativity in the realm of handmade and knitted accessories.

Her eclectic style is a blend of her upbringing in Zürich and The Hague, with each city contributing distinct elements to her creative approach. Anne's skills were further honed during her studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, where she gained valuable insights and a unique perspective on design. It was under the guidance of her grandmother and her mother that Anne mastered the art of sewing, and knitting, and developed a keen understanding of space and design.

By experimenting with a diverse range of patterns, colours, and textures, Anne creates unique and distinctive pieces that add a touch of originality to your daily life.

We are open to collaborations, projects, and custom-made orders. If you have ideas for a bis S, don't hesitate to contact us.